Geheimnisvolle Wüstenflieger – Schieferfalken im Oman

dvdpostExperience the Arabian jewel from “a Thousand and One Nights”, with dreamlike landscapes and time honoured traditions charmingly interwoven with a contemporary lifestyle.

Shaped by desert and ocean, the Sultanate has many natural and cultural treasures to discover. Just a step away from the well cared for modern city streets, the tantalising smell of incense will lead you into an exotic world of colour and bustling sound little changed in hundreds of years; where market stall vendors renowned for their friendliness and hospitality sell handcrafts and artworks.

Next to the rich natural and cultural heritage Oman has great geological diversity. A geologist once said that Oman is one big wonderful outdoor geological Museum with unique geological values. It is the only country in the world composed mostly of oceanic crust and rocks that originated from the mantle – deep below the earth’s surface. In addition, evidence can be seen of continental drift and geological processes that have dominated the earth’s surface for many millions of years.

“Sultanate of Oman – A Land of Variety” provides you an overview of the country, shows its scenic and cultural attractions and is featured by experts who give an insight into the geology of Oman.

DVD details: Widescreen 16:9; Main soundtrack English and German Stereo; DVD-PAL; Documentary main feature approx. 26 minutes; Extras: Geology in Oman (approx. 15 minutes)